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WOW!JUL 6-12, 2009 - HSF Realtime Data is another one of those celestial treasures from NASA, those acronym aficionados. HSF in this case stands for Human Space Flight, and the celestial sights you'll discover here won't show up in anyone's horoscope. Well, I suppose they could, but I think it would be nuts. But since there are people happily cramming thousands of other local bits of matter in horoscopes of one kind or another, I'm sure some hyperactive astrologer somewhere is going to put the ISS (International Space Station) in a birth chart - maybe yours. Better you should go out and see this stuff for yourself, and savor the other sights of the night sky while you're at it. HSF Realtime Data tells you when and where to look: input your location, and get yourself a schedule. Then go out and do what astrologers of old did: reconnect with the cosmos, tap into the beautiful presence of the night sky.

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