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WOW!JUN 29, 2009 - is a specialty calculation engine for the astrologically minded, most especially for those with an interest in the more exotic bits and pieces of the astrological arcanum; stuff like the TNOs (Trans-Neptunian Objects), minor planets (e.g. Centaurs like Chiron, the main belt asteroids, etc.), the hypothetical Uranian points/planets, cosmic structure (e.g. the Galactic Center and the Great Attractor) and more. Just for grins, check out a chart for today (or your own birth) showing not only all the regular horoscopic components, but all these extras as well - all in one single horoscope. Overwhelming. A good argument for being selective - the alternative being madness. There's plenty more here, enough to keep you busy exploring for days: orbital maps, explanations of the so-called "black moon" (why don't they just call it the lunar apogee point?) and the time difference between an eclipse and its corresponding new or full moon, a catalog of astrology blogs and way more than I can even hint at here. Genius! Smart, certainly. Maybe even wise, in that it teaches us by what it shows us . . . a Herculean labor of love by a skilled programmer with her eyes on the skies and her feet on the earth, no doubt.

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