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WOW!JUN 1, 2009 - Landscheidt Cycles Research is an excellent way to start exploring the brilliant work of the late, great Dr. Theodor Landscheidt. Dr. Landscheidt, when he wasn't busy being a Justice on the German Supreme Court, was an astrologer and a scientist, whose work on solar system cycles and their effect on the climate of Planet Earth is genius. An important concept in Dr. Landscheidt's work is the Solar System Barycenter (SSB, aka the Center of Mass of the Solar System), and you'll find a 6,000 year ephemeris of the SSB at Landscheidt Cycles Research; along with links to Dr. Landscheidt's online papers. And by all means don't pass up the many articles at Landscheidt Cycles Research in its own right: no wonder Dr. Landscheidt christened his work "Cosmic Cybernetics". This stuff really is the mind of the cosmic organism. It's been years since I've found any Landscheidt material to feature here - see the March 11, May 13 and June 3 entries in the 2002 WOW! Archive - but it's not for lack of looking, and his work is always and forever a thing of wonder.

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