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WOW!MAY 25, 2009 - Astrology Mundo is one of the few blogs I've found that actually rewards a close and careful reading. Blogs on the whole are the flotsam and jetsam of the virtual world, the uninformed babble of a self-appointed unqualified chattering class. They're the equivalent of CNN telling me what their viewers think about the issues of the day. Who cares what their mindless viewers think? Give me the real news, please! (Okay, I'll admit to checking in on CNN several times a day - I have my guilty Capricorn pleasures too.) Astrology Mundo is the proverbial exception that proves the rule. It's intelligent, articulate commentary on the news of the day, astrologically informed. For over a year now, author Monica Starr has consistently turned out an astrological blog that's always worth reading - pondering, even. Don't miss it: this is the good stuff.

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