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WOW! MAY 18, 2009 - Astro-Databank Wiki is the online heir to the legacy of Lois Rodden, one of the most conscientious astrological data collectors in the history of our craft. The Gauquelins deserve pride of place in that respect, on account of their edifice of nearly 150,000 birth certificate celebrity data collected for statistical research into correlations between celestial configurations and human character. Lois Rodden's emphasis was more on asrological practice than abstract research, but she too amassed a collection of celebrity birth data that ran into the tens of thousands. More importantly, she made practicing astrologers more aware of the need to be conscientious about the sources of their data, introducing a grading system ranging from AA (birth certificate) down to DD ("dirty data" which lacked any credible documentation). Lois is gone now, but her work lives on at the Astro-Databank Wiki, which ought to be the first place any astrologer turns to find current and historic celebrity birth data. Did I mention it's free? Thanks to Astro-Databank Wiki for so generously carrying on and extending this work!

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