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WOW!MAY 4, 2009 - Astrological Insights is astrologer Joann Hampar's website, and it's too good to miss if you have an interest in electional astrology. Relax, if that sounds like something only a political junkie would enjoy, rest assured that it focuses instead on the right and best times to do things - how to act in concord with the universe, so to speak. (The word elect, after all, means to choose: electional astrology is all about choosing the optimum time for a particular endeavor.) Astrological Insights offers books, an annual and a course on electional astrology, and introduces a 2009 electional astrology application for iPhone and iPod Touch. To my way of thinking, electional astrology is a way of attuning oneself to the Tao of the universe - and that makes it one of the very most essential aspects of the cosmic craft.

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