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WOW!APR 13, 2009 - Tide Triggers Quakes is a recent article at, the website of the popular science cable and satellite Discovery Channel. As an astrolger, what's most interesting about this article is not so much that it presents evidence that the Moon's tidal tug on our home planet helps to trigger earthquakes; it's more that here we have a popular science media organ presenting what in Ptolemy's day would be considered astrology, pure and simple. Alas, as I've noted in print a time or two before, whatever astrology scientists manage to understand and verify, thereby ceases being astrology and becomes science. It's as though science says to astrology, "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine." What astrology says is beside the point to science, which acts as though it alone matters. Which gives an ironic twist to the Tide Triggers Quakes article's assertion that "Scientists have known about this effect for over a century and have speculated that it might cause earthquakes." Really! Astrologers have known for millennia that the Moon helps trigger earthquakes . . .

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