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WOW!APR 6, 2009 - Bill Herbst, Astrologer is a site I've featured before, albeit many years ago. As a rule I don't do double features, although I do make exceptions for sites that are exceptionally good or especially timely. Bill Herbst, Astrologer qualifies on both counts; partly because of who he is, and partly because of what he does in the way of his email newsletter. If you aren't reading it, your life is poorer in ways I can't even begin to put into words; except maybe to say that the clarity and depth of astrology and humanity combined in his writing is rivalled by only a handful of astrologers in all the world, throughout all time. You can subscribe free by email; and if you like it as much as I think you will, you're welcome to pay your way with a voluntary subscription payment by PayPal (use the link on Bill's site) or by mail (822 1st Street, Florence OR 97439-9346). Meanwhile, spend some time exploring this website. Enjoy the free articles, the free MP3s from Herbst's Celtic Fusion CD . . . and check out Herbst's astrological service offerings and his books.

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