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WOW!MAR 30, 2009 - GoSoftWorks offers a couple of fine applications for iPhone- and iPod Touch-equipped skywatchers. GoSkyWatch is a pocket planetarium. Use it to locate and identify all naked-eye stars, all the planets and all the constellations. It's easy to set up for your own location using the city list or your iPhone's built-in GPS locator. Zoom in and zoom out on celestial objects with the pinch in and spread out motions. There's a red-light feature to make night use easier. The accelerometer allows you to just point your device in the direction of the celestial feature you want more info about, and the display changes to show you the feature and give you the low-down on it. At $9.99 from the iTunes App Store, this is definitely a must-have for the celestially-minded iPhone user. For the same price, you can download GoSatWatch to track satellites . . .

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