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WOW!MAR 16, 2009 - iPhemeris (Version 2.2) is the first astrologically useful application I've seen yet for the iPhone. It's not what I'm looking for, which is software that will enable the mobile astrologer to enter birth data and get a natal chart. But iPhemeris at least provides a 1900-2099 noon and midnight UT ephemeris, complete with declinations, ecliptic longitude and latitude for Sun, Moon and all the planets (plus a half-dozen asteroids) - and a monthly aspectarian, too. (Also runs on the iPod Touch.) You can buy iPhemeris at the iTunes App Store, where you'll find it in the Reference category. Have your $10.99 handy and a good 32 Megabytes of free space on your device. There's plenty of silly "Sun Sign" fluff stuff available for the iPhone, but at last we're getting close to something actually useful. Thanks to programmer Clifford Ribaud for a giant leap forward! (Now, if we can just get to actual horoscope calculation and display.)

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