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WOW!MAR 9, 2009 - New Monetary System is proof that Francis Church's famous 1897 New York Sun article had it turned around: it should be "Yes Santa Claus, there is a Virginia." As it happens, one of my clients - thanks, Virginia - recently sent me an online article by financial analyst Larry Edelson dated November 13, 2008, which I have selected as this week's WOW pick because in it, the author describes a resolution of the global monetary system crisis which follows along the lines laid out in my 2008 World Forecast Highlights - published nearly a year before the Edelson article. I make it a point not to follow the various financial and economic gurus of the day, month or year, so that I can approach my forecasts without being influenced by the economic group-think environment; on the theory that this facilitates an ability to see things as much as possible solely in the light of the historical cycles I'm examining. Obviously, that wasn't an issue in this case, since my own work was published nearly a year before the expert's. Compare Mr. Edelson's New Monetary System with the following passage from my much earlier forecast, and decide for yourself:

I don't see a solution this year, mind you. Saturn and Uranus make their on-and-off opposition last until 2010, after all. The fix begins in 2008, probably after the US Presidential election, but it takes years until the fix is in. That's because just about everybody's ox is going to get gored, before this is done. And since the fix has always been and will ever be a hard money foundation underlying paper currency, you can expect that the international experts will ultimately agree on things like gold, silver, platinum and the like being basic to whatever solution arises. Other commodities will be argued for and accepted to some degree (oil, uranium, silicon chips, photovoltaic cells, etc.), but the foundation will be the precious metals because they are in fact a store of value: always have been, always will be. And, incidentally, an essential part of this restoration entails the price of precious metals skyrocketing in the process of liquidating debt. If that doesn't tell you what to do, you haven't been paying attention . . .

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