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WOW!DEC 22, 2008 - The Astrolabe is an excellent place to start getting to know one of the essential tools of astronomy and astrology down through the ages. I'm referring of course to the instrument known as the astrolabe, which has been in use in its present form at least since the seventh century of the Common Era, and quite possibly centuries earlier. (Claudius Ptolemy's Planesphaerium, written in the 2nd Centruy CE, suggests he may have had such a device.) Jim Morrison, author of both the website and the book of the same name, transforms a beautiful and exotic looking piece of ancient celestial technology into a readily understandable handiwork - so much so that you can actually build your own astrolabe using the instructions, template and explanations he provides. And if you don't feel handy, you can download and install his computerized Electric Astrolabe for free.

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