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WOW!DEC 8, 2008 - Discovery of Global Warming is must reading. There's so much here that it amounts to a fairly substantial course on climate, courtesy of the American Institute of Physics. Take the course, and you realize that the evolution of scientific thinking on the subject is very much a work in progress. Remember when the scientific community had come to a a consensus that global cooling was imminent, poised to bring a return of the Ice Age? It was only a bit more than 30 years ago! Now the consensus is that we're well into quite the opposite - a period of global warming that threatens civilization. Follow the arguments, the development of evidence and theories, all through this wonderful online resource. Then wait for the next consensus to emerge. And beware giving the philosopher kings the power to solve our "problems" Remember: these are the same folks who figured out "Nuclear Winter" - and made it possible in the first place. There's smart, and then there's wise . . .

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