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WOW!NOV 24, 2008 - What Is An Asset? is must reading as we move further into the global economic crisis. I know we'd all rather think about something else, but whistling past the graveyard won't do anyone any good. So please do give some consideration to what my friend "Professor von Braun" has to say here: it might not save your life (but then again it might), but it will surely give you a pretty solid glimpse of what we're all up against in the coming years. Having described for you over the past several years what I can see of the astrological and historical portents for the future, it's vital to consider what to do in a real and practical sense. By now it's clear to just about all of us that history is unfolding pretty much as I described it in advance, and that the new "business as usual" will be unlike anything most of us have ever lived through. So how do we live through this? I believe What Is An Asset? offers one fundamental sine qua non for survival. Longtime readers and clients know full well that I am not now nor have I ever been a "gold bug". But they also all know that as of 2005 I began describing an historic watershed that made gold a more and more attractive asset. No less an authority than Alan Greenspan, the former Fed Chairman who knew better and still helped drive the world financial system over a cliff, has soberly (and in hindsight, quite ironically) described why a gold standard makes sense. Professor von Braun tells you why and how to get on the gold standard yourself. With gold prices falling in recent months - along with all commodities - you might wonder if this still makes sense. Study What Is An Asset? for a clue or two.

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