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WOW!NOV 17, 2008 - is a resource I've recommended more than once. This time, I'm recommending in particular the November 16, 2008 edition, which is accessible using the archive feature near the upper right corner of the home page. Specifically, take note of the EVENING PLANETS section, describing the impending conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the constellation Sagittarius (in the sign Capricorn). It's a conjunction mentioned in my November forecast, although it won't be exact until December 1 - at which time, as notes, these two bright and beautiful planets will be joined by the Moon for a triple conjunction. (See the skymap for pointers.) I'm guessing this marks something of a hopeful (albeit ephemeral) sign for the equity markets and the world financial system generally. Make hay while the stars shine . . . in the sense of Ripley's breathless incantation on the loading dock of the transport ship Nostromo, in Ridley Scott's Alien.

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