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WOW!NOV 3, 2008 - is a prime example of the kind of metaphysical terror that's building in the world lately, especially since US Treasury Secretary Paulson opened up the abyss and bade us all look into it. True, the mutterers of dark futures have always been with us. (Hi, Cassandra!) But our networked world now gives the prophets of doom an amazing and amazed audience in a heartbeat. Like so many such oracles of doom lately, is a potpourri of portents of the Apocalypse, from Biblical prophecy to Nostradamus to the Mayan Calendar, with lots of SARS, bird flu, Earth-smashing asteroids and Earth-devouring black holes arising from the CERN collider thrown into the brew . . . wow, and "Sarah Palin will be elected Vice President in 2008" too. That's "lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" scary. If you're suffering from insomnia, this site just might be the cure. On the other hand, following all the twists and turns in this fevered skein of doom might end up putting you to sleep. I'm not saying there isn't scary stuff out there in the world, but I do think that most of the stuff we might actually have to deal with isn't mentioned at But it is entertaining, I'll give it that . . .

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