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WOW!OCT 13 2008 - Panic of 1873 is well worth a look, Wikipedia or not. That's because the Panic of 1873 is arguably a model for how the current global financial disturbance plays out, according to historians including (most recently) Scott Nelson, associate professor of history at the College of William and Mary. Astrologically as well, there's a curious parallel between our times and the Panic of 1873: both are marked by a quintuple opposition of Saturn and Uranus. I've already described this alignment as a hallmark of the financial turbulence that defines 2008; and I've indicated that the quintuple alignment isn't done until 2010. Likewise, the quintuple alignment that began early in 1873 wasn't finished until late in 1875. Things change, and yet they remain the same. One thing that's different in our "just in time" world is that essential commodities will quickly become unavailable as credit becomes unavailable: something to consider next time you stock the pantry.

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