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WOW!SEP 1, 2008 - Volcanic Sunsets is a fascinating pointer to the recent and continuing spectacular sunsets people are seeing all over North America lately. We in the Grand Canyon State had a bunch of beautiful violet sunsets during the Arizona and California wildfires of course, but lately there have been beautiful sunsets all over the continental US and across to Europe.'s Volcanic Sunsets attributes these gorgeous sunsets to the August eruptions of several volcanoes in Alaska, including the "August 7th eruption of the Kasatochi volcano in Alaska's Aleutian islands." Wonder of wonders, my August forecast foretold "a geophysical stress window that stretches from July 25 to August 8," signaling "enhanced moderate-to-severe seismic activity (magnitude 5.0 and higher earthquakes as well as volcanic eruptions)" - and twice mentioning Alaska as one of the special risk zones associated with this alignment. So get out and enjoy those sunsets this week, already!

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