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WOW! AUG 11, 2008 - Solar Fire Gold Demo is where you can go to download a free trial version of Esoteric Technologies' latest and greatest astrology software, Solar Fire Gold. If you have updated, or plan to update, to a 64-bit version of the Windows OS (Operating System, e.g. 64-bit Windows Vista), you're well advised to check out this latest version of Solar Fire. It's not the only astrological software out there that will run under a 64-bit OS, but it's by far the most capable I've seen yet. Nothing yet beats the 10,000-year range of the Swiss Ephemeris contained in Solar Fire, and the range of astrological techniques the program supports is unsurpassed. It's also very easy to use. At US $325, it's fairly priced for the features you get; available from Esoteric Technologies in Australia and New Zealand, and from Astrolabe elsewhere.

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