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WOW!JUN 30, 2008 - Obituary Francoise Gauquelin is sad news, posted over at the website of CURA (the Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie). The old folk saying is that bad news travels fast, but this obituary is proof that it isn't always true. Patrice Guinard over at CURA just got the news a few days ago himself, that Francoise had died on August 10, 2007. Francoise was Michel Guaquelin's wife and partner for many years, and together they labored heroically to bring off the historic feat of statistically evaluating astrology with a rigor and precision never before seen anywhere. Michel died many years ago (in 1991). With Francoise's passing, it's the end of an era. Their work remains, and you'll find an excellent example of it in Francoise's article examining one possible historical rationale behind the divergence between modern astrological tradition and the Gauquelin findings regarding planetary angularity. Frankly, I don't see bowing to Babylonian tradition in preference to Ptolemaic tradition as the only solution here . . . but I'll let you consider Francoise's case for yourself.

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