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WOW!JUN 23, 2008 - CNET iPhone Approll is a resource of interest to anyone who wants to do astrology on an iPhone. It can't be done yet, in terms of running astrological software on that device per se. That's not to say you couldn't use your iPhone to access the Web and then take advantage of the free astrological utilities online at Astrodienst. But that's far from ideal, given the relatively slow EDGE wireless connection afforded by current generation iPhones. What I'm waiting for, in addition to the new 3G iPhone going on sale next month, is astrological software specifically written for the iPhone. And CNET iPhone Approll is probably the first place to find such a program, as soon as it becomes available. It's a convenient forum for developers to submit new iPhone applications as they're developed, and for users to review those applications. So, as the saying goes, watch this space!

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