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WOW!JUN 16, 2008 - Satellite Tracker is a simple and accurate online tool for finding out when any of a half-dozen or so spacecraft will be visible at your location. The default US/Canadian page only needs your ZIP or Postal Code for input, while the Global Satellite Tracker takes three inputs to do the job: country, state/province and city. In either case, your input is rewarded with details as to when and where to look for the next large spacecraft to cross your night skies over the next ten days or so. Objects tracked include the International Space Station (ISS), the space shuttles when they're out and about, the Hubble Space Telescope, and several other large satellites. I mention this site not because I'm among the astrologers who believe these bodies have astrological significance - because I most definitely am not among that group. But I do see the whole notion of watching wondrous lights in the night sky as fundamentally astrological, and I love to watch for these orbiting wanderers on a dark night. Maybe you will too . . .

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