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WOW!JUN 9, 2008 - Next-Gen iPhone Preview is InformationWeek's timely tease for the expected announcement by Steve Jobs of the new iPhone at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco this week (June 9-13). This is the new iPhone everyone's been waiting for, the one that runs true 3G wireless and includes a really good GPS capability. What's that got to do with astrology? Plenty, as soon as astrological software becomes available for the iPhone. I don't have a crystal ball on that one, but as I wrote in my January 14 WOW column, it's bound to be Real Soon Now. I have run my astrological consulting business on a Treo 650 smartphone before, and if the Treo can do it, then I'm confident the new 3G iPhone is more than up to the task - just as soon as the astrology software arrives. From back in the days of the ancient Greek Antikythera device, astrology and computers go hand in hand. Now that Apple has a good 3G iPhone, and has opened it up for developers, I'm sure that wireless astrologers everywhere are poised to move to a new platform. I know I am. I may wait for the sotware to arrive before taking the plunge - but the new iPhone sounds so good that I may just upgrade my smartphone in a leap of faith. (If nothing else, one could always use the iPhone to go online and calculate charts over at Astrodienst.) Mind you, I'm not an Apple fan. I prefer to build my own computers. But I can't build laptops, let alone smartphones from scratch, so the new iPhone may well become the Apple of my eye. Lots of other astrologers are surely in the same position!

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