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WOW!JUN 2, 2008 - History of Astronomy is a treasure trove for astronomers and astrologers alike, created and freely shared by astronomer Robert Harry van Gent. I came across Dr. van Gent's website when a Google search on eclipse cycles turned up his Catalogue of Eclipse Cycles page. That one page was such a delight to discover that I considered it a major serendipity in its own right. And then I found that it's just one thread in a huge, rich tapestry of cosmic topics, from the straight dope on Isaac Newton and Astrology to a practical guide to Predicting the First Visibility of the Lunar Crescent - topics of some interest to serious students of astrology. Dr. van Gent's website is a generous sharing of the fine work he's done pursuing his "interests in the history of astronomy, history of astrology, history of celestial cartography and the history of calendars and timekeeping.". Light reading, this is not - but if you're like-minded, you'll find plenty here to ponder and explore.

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