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WOW!MAY 19, 2008 - Phoenix Mars Lander, with any luck, will make its touchdown on the Red Planet this week, the next small step in our species' fascination with and exploration of the Cosmos. Actually, it'll take a lot of luck, because despite all the genius and ingenuity (not to mention treasure) humankind has put into Mars missions over the decades, successful outcomes are still far from assured. Fewer than half of all attempts to land on Mars have succeeded to date. NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter detected frozen water just below the surface in the high latitudes of the planet. On Sunday, May 25, the Phoenix Lander will attempt to set down there, scoop up soil samples, and test them - for ice, and for any signs of life. Astrology arose thousands of years ago from our fascination with the heavens, one of the noblest of all human aspirations. May Phoenix further fire up that fascination!

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