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WOW!MAY 12, 2008 - Conjurings is the rarest of the rare; namely, a blog I'll recommend. I'm not a fan of blogs generally, because in my experience most of them are little more than the ramblings of people who aren't qualified to do anything else. But over the years I've gotten to know "Conjurewoman" a bit, and I've come to admire her wit, intelligence and perspicacity; not to mention her humanity. "Mystic astrology, natural magick, communications from 'the other side', and spiritual encouragement for a crazed world" are grist for the Conjurings mill, but that's quite wide enough a net to touch on topics that might surprise you; such as The Next Bubble article by Eric Janszen that came to me via email from Conjurewoman: maybe the clearest presentation of finance capitalism and its inherent bubble mechanism I've ever read. (Her Love Potions blog is too good to miss, too: fascinatingly personal, and yet universal as well.) Conjurings and its author are a treasure.

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