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WOW!APR 28, 2008 - Cosmic Collisions Galore! is a press release from the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSI), the team that operate the Hubble Space Telescope. This latest PR commemorates the 18th anniversay of Hubble's launch, and presents several score images as well as a video of galaxies as seen by the sharpest eye our species has. Every galaxy is a breath-taking beauty in its own right, of course. But this particular PR focuses on galaxies in collision - intercourse on a truly meta-cosmic scale. It's on a time scale far greater than the lifetime of our own species, so far - and forever, unless we become a space-faring race. Which seems unlikely for selfish and short-sighted reasons; namely that too many of us are willing to sell our destiny short, for a fleeting measure of comfort and security. Still think space exploration is a waste of resources? Without it, we have no future at all.

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