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WOW!APR 21, 2008 - The Moon's Magnetotail is NASA's lowdown on one example of how our cosmic environment is, despite apparently vast distances, a tighly-woven fabric; an organism, if you will. Specifically, the article details how space scientists have discovered that Earth's magnetotail (our home planet's extended magnetic field, blown behind us by the force of the solar wind much like a comet's tail) literally reaches out and touches the Moon. It happens once a month, during the period from three days before to three days after the full moon. (You may recall that for years, my forecasts have described the full moon period as extending three days before and after the exact alignment.) What happens when Luna pases through Earth's magnetotail? Read the NASA article, and ponder the wonder of an electrostatic storm raising clouds and lightning on the Moon, thanks to a cosmic environment where everything is connected to everything else.

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