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WOW!APR 14, 2008 - Rosecast Market Timing is a timely selection, for today in particular and the year in general. Markus Rose, the man behind the site, is a professional trader who has come to use astrological factors to time market moves. In addition to illuminating articles on how to forecast market moves, Rose offers a free newsletter as well as commercial services (intermediate and short term timing recommendations for the major US indices and more) and software. And there's a good sampling of articles by Rose, describing some of the astrological techniques he employs. While I personally am not convinced that any system is infallible, I do believe it's a good mental exercise to consider the systems advocated by successful people. And Markus Rose does provide a few elements of his system at Rosecast Market Timing: three-planet configurations, for example. Is it his system that works, or is Markus Rose himself what works? Look it over, try it on for size, and see what you think.

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