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WOW!MAR 17, 2008 - Astrology & Stock Markets is a timely site, in view of the Sun-Jupiter square coming up next month; on April 10 to be precise. If you've read my 2008 World Forecast Highlights, then you already know that the world financial system is at the precipice this year; not just a bank or two, the subprime mortgages, the dollar or what have you - the whole system. I figure that trying to pick your path through such minefields by playing the conventional investment game is next to a suicide mission, frankly. (People who have followed the historically-grounded market prognosis in my forecasts these past few years have done pretty well.) But there's probably still some months, or more likely even a few years yet, before the whole system flat-lines. If you don't mind cutting things that close, then playing the market cycles may still hold some appeal. And if that's the case, and if it's also true that the ten days leading into Sun-Jupiter squares and oppositions like the one on April 10 are a time to "sell the markets short," then you could be sitting pretty on your profits. So says Adrian Fourie, who sees an even bigger crash signal coming up when the Sun opposes both Jupiter and Neptune on August 14, 2009. Fourie kindly provides a table of Sun-Jupiter squares (1997-2035) and Sun-Jupiter oppositions (1970-2035) to help with longer-range planning and back-testing. Incidentally, these pages are part of a larger site by Fourie, who offers commercial software aimed at trying to pick out Lucky Days.

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