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WOW!MAR 10, 2008 - Astrology & Science got a review and a WOW Award back in 2002. Recently I had a chance to revisit the site, thanks to contributor Geoffrey Dean. I'm impressed - even more than on the first visit. So I'm doing it one more time, and I urge you to drop in too. The site truly has, as Dr. Dean puts it, "gone from strength to strength." It really is an indispensable online resource for anyone with any interest at all in astrology. If you're not comfortable with critical thinking, particularly applied intelligently to astrology, then Astrology & Science won't go down easily. If that's the case, too bad! This is good stuff, some of the best anywhere in the world. Yes Virginia, there is a scientific astrology! About all Astrology & Science lacks is an easily accessible site search function, although there is a "fast-find index" that will provide hours of wonderment.

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