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WOW!FEB 25, 2008 - Hayden Planetarium operates out of the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Of course the Planetarium is a must-see for astrophiles in Manhattan, but the website has charms of its own. Check out the visualization archive of cosmic movies, for example: these include animations of star formation and evolution, galaxies in collision, black holes and much more. Download your own free Digital Universe Atlas, available in versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and IRIX, in packages ranging from a 169 Mb to a 180 Mb download (requiring anywhere from 450 Mb to 467 Mb free disk space): what a tool for cosmic exploration! And don't leave without browsing the gallery of astronomical images linked at Hayden Planetarium: way more cosmic eye candy than will fit in any one website. It's a rich and varied website, an unguided tour that offers a wealth of everything but hand-holding. Go ahead, wander around, see what you can discover . . .

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