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WOW!FEB 11, 2008 - Global Incident Map is the cure, I suppose, if what ails you is sleeping too soundly. It's a map of the world, with near real-time icons at the location of various security events: terrorism, criminality, aircraft hijackings and other scary stuff. What this means is that, at a glance, you can see where all the bad things are happening, all over the world and all at once. Whew! Astrologically speaking, it might be interesting to compare these plots to Mars and Saturn astro-locality lines for new and full moons, etc. I confess to not having tried this yet, for lack of time. I only just learned of Global Incident Map from an Astropro visitor, who graciously shared this rather ominous discovery with me. However I've been up to here with extra projects these past few days: rebuilding and upgrading an old Toshiba laptop, installing lots of new software on all the office PCs, and upgrading one of the desktop machines to Windows Vista. (I wonder if stuff like that would show up on a map of heebie-jeebies?) I'm hoping, when the dust settles around here, to look into this space/time disaster matrix. Just curious . . .

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