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WOW!FEB 4, 2008 - Astrology of the 2008 Election is must reading for all astrophiles of a political bent, for its frank discussion of the problematic data situation as far as the Democratic and Republican candidates for the US Presidency are concerned. This installment of Chris Brennan's excellent Apotelesmatics Astrology Blog details the problem of unavailable and/or unreliable birth times for the candidates. Given that accurate birth time is a prerequisite for an accurate natal horoscope, the fact that accurate horoscopes of the candidates are mostly unavailable makes forecasting the US Presidential campaign a really sticky wicket, as noted in my own 2008 World Forecast Highlights. Brennan's account of the Hillary Clinton birth data mess is particularly interesting: the good Senator has apparently been giving out the wrong birth time for years, because the real one gives her Scorpio rising, and she doesn't like what she hears about Scorpio. Ah, vanity . . .

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