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WOW!JAN 28, 2008 - Parlando Press came to my attention when I got a review copy of Paul Wright's latest book, The Great Ages and Other Astrological Cycles. It's a fascinating read for its thoughtful blend of history and astrology, and it's available online at the Book Shop section of Parlando Press. Of course this is must reading if you're at all interested in the astrological ages, such as the so-called Age of Aquarius. (There's a sample extract online to whet your appetite.) And naturally, you can expect to enjoy the handiwork of one of the finest writers currently working the field of astrology: illuminating and illustrated, this is rewarding reading. You can also expect to be surprised, if you're not prepared for the Age of Aquarius being already in progress. (Among other surprises you'll find here.) There's more: an historical exposition of the cycles of Uranus and Neptune. While you're visiting Parlando Press, don't forget to take a look at the several free articles Paul Wright has provided for your reading pleasure.

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