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WOW!DEC 24-30, 2007 - ZET Astrology Software is one of the latest examples of the excellence we have come to expect from Russian programmers. This is an amazingly sophisticated and beautiful astrology program, which doubles as ample astronomical software. Of course it calculates horoscopes - with more options than most people will ever dream of using, as is evident from the features page for ZET Astrology Software. Available for Windows systems (95 and up), in three versions: "Lite" (a freeware version for beginners), "Pro" (a basic pro version more than adequate for most practicing professional astrologers, $95) and "Geo" (just about anything anyone would ever want, $165). You can try the free "Lite" version with a quick (under 11 Megabytes for the current ZET 8 version) download, and then buy an upgrade to one of the more advanced versions if you like what you see. I think you'll be pleased.

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