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WOW!DEC 10, 2007 - Horoscope Generator is aimed squarely at your funny bone. Whether it's on target is a matter of taste of course, but it can't be too far afield: it's all about "Sun Signs", after all. You can't get much more ridiculous than that! It's as simple-minded as those astrology columns in the funny papers, and at least it makes no pretense at being anything other than a joke. Horoscope Generator is very simple to use, as befits its demographic. Just click on the sign of your choice, and get your daily dose of silliness. Yep, just like those columns in the newspapers and magazines! And should you feel that this kind of simpleton star-stuff is an insult to your intelligence, don't just steam: venture on over to the Shakespearian Insult Generator, and vent to thine heart's content. Huzzah!

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