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WOW!DEC 3, 2007 - Astrology at is an online source for astrological posters and prints. It's mostly artwork, although some of the offerings are more in the way of teaching tools. You can buy your posters and prints (some nice Giclees) framed or unframed, which means you can just cover the walls or actually put up some good-looking astrology eye candy. From the classic art nouveau of Alphonse Mucha to Richard Bromley's dramatic abstract signs and Sidney Hall's serenely classic constellations, plus any number of historic reproductions (from the Vatican, ancient China, Ptolmey and more), there's quite a gallery to browse here. (And some droll contemporary zodiacal magnets, too.) There are scores (if not hundreds) of astrological images here, to browse or to buy and hang on your wall. Look them over, you might be surprised at what you'll find!

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