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WOW!NOV 12, 2007 - CDC: Norovirus is, alas, always a timely resource. Noroviruses, after all, can strike anytime, anywhere, year 'round. (Outbreaks on cruise ships regularly make the news.) I got one last week, which I caught from my son Dylan; who in turn got it when the whole family went to a fine restaurant. Dylan got sick within twelve hours, and I caught it from him 48 hours later. Although it is in rare cases fatal, the kind of gastroenteritis ("stomach flu") brought on by the norovirus is mostly in the miserable nuisance category. Quite miserable enough, in fact, to send me to bed last week when I should have been preparing an update to Astropro, including this very Website Of the Week for November 12. You food handlers out there need to be OCD about washing your hands, because the health of the public is in your hands! (For a good perspective on food poisoning in the broader sense, one of the better resources I found is the Wikipedia article on the subject.)

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