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WOW!OCT 29, 2007 - IAAA is the website of the International Association of Astronomical Artists, which puts you just a few clicks away from more celestial eye candy than you've drooled over in months, I'll venture to guess. If art inspires, astronomical art - space art, if you prefer (although properly speaking, there is a difference between the two) - inspires us to lift our focus from the mundane and commmonplace to the cosmic. If that's not what astrology does, in essence, then I don't know anything. Whatever else you do, by all means don't miss the gallery section, which includes a Mars Visions collection that's particularly appropriate as the Red Planet makes another one of its close approaches to Earth in December - and one that I'm particularly fond of, since the vistas are so like those we're favored with here in the Grand Canyon State.

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