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WOW!SEP 10, 2007 - Star of Bethlehem is a must-see for anyone interested in the subject. What was it that the Magi (astrologers) saw, said to have heralded the birth of "the King of the Jews"? If you've been around astronomy or astrology for any length of time, you can't have escaped some curiosity about it. And you're sure to have seen at least a handful of presentations as to what it was. See this one! It's the most convincing yet, for me, for now. The website is admittedly a tease for author Michael Molnar's book of the same name - but it's a fascinating tease, and in that sense a good one. (The book is only $10 US, and can be ordered online.) Speaking of teases, if you're astrologically inclined at all, you might like to ponder a horoscope drawn up for the date Dr. Molnar proposes: April 17, 6 BCE.

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