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WOW!SEP 3, 2007 - Nicholas Whyte is, as he writes, "a husband, a father of three, an Irish, European, and UK citizen, a liberal, a Catholic, a political analyst, a science fiction fan, a psephologist, a lapsed medievalist, and an aspiring polyglot." In another day and age, a psephologist (a sociologist who studies election trends) would have been just another oracle, someone to consult before deciding whether to have a vote or a massacre in the Senate ("Beware the Ides of March, Caesar!"); or perhaps a conspirator to the assassination of another Emperor. Which is not too far afield from CNN asking Whyte to opine on American elections. Nicholas Whyte comes by his oracular bent honestly, judging from his thoughts on Astronomy and Astrology in the 12th Century, and his musings on the so-called Curse of the Presidents. This website is one of those Alice In Wonderland rabbit-holes you'll wander through for a very long and thoroughly fascinating time, I do believe.

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