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WOW!AUG 13, 2007 - Galactic Center Research is a handy yet authoritative introduction to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy (Sagittarius-A) and the supermassive black hole residing there. Technically well grounded - it's by the Max Planck Institut, after all - this is nevertheless a fairly non-technical explantion of the heart of darkness in our galaxy, and how we've come to know about it. It includes a movie illustrating how fast-moving stars orbiting the center of the Milky Way point to a monstrously massive something there - something believed to be a supermassive black hole about 3.6 million times more massive than our own Sun. (On a related note, do be sure to check out their page on Active Galactic Nuclei.) I realize that black holes may sound practically mythical, but Galactic Center Research details some of the observations that support the existence of such phantasmagoric denizens of our celestial matrix.

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