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WOW!AUG 6, 2007 - Crazy Horoscopes boldly professes to offer "horoscopes written by lunatics." I'm not sure this is entirely true, since there's also a claim on the home page that "our predictions are written by a mentally insane mandrill who has over 80 years experience interpreting the bowel motions of pygmies." One hardly knows where to begin interpreting that sentence, which appears to assert mental insanity as a malady distinct from what, digestive insanity? And what to make of bowel motions? I know what bowel movements are of course, but bowel motions? Is that like the hokey-pokey, or perhaps a hip-hop routine? Plus, I think I'd sooner believe that mandrills can write than that they can live to the ripe old age of 80 years. Garden variety lunatics or whacked-out mandrills aside, Crazy Horoscopes is about as fine a Sun Sign astrology site as I've ever seen anywhere online; which is to say that it attempts to make idiocy into an art form.

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