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WOW!JUL 23, 2007 - The Space Review is an online journal of the final frontier. Space buff or not, the articles here are too good, too thought-provoking to let them escape notice - sober and considered attention, in fact. Yeah, I know it's all very PC to say that money spent on space exploration is money that could be spent solving problems right here on earth. Right here on earth is the problem, people! I love this beautiful planet, but it's been a death trap for every dominant species to arise here, and it will be for ours too; unless we get off and get a foothold elsewhere. The Space Review is a multi-faceted and thoroughly fascinating exploration of that journey out into the stars. Astrologers started it thousands of years ago, adoring those beautiful orbs in the dark. We adore them still. Someday, if we are to have a future, we'll look back from them at the central star of the solar system containing the orb that was once humanity's only home in the Cosmos, this beautiful blue planet.

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