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WOW!JUN 4, 2007 - Worldendsparty 2012 is where you go to get ready for the end of the world, so to speak. More precisely, it's the website for an event to be held December 21, 2012 to commemorate the end of the Mayan calendar long count on that date. That's the occasion of the end of the world, according to some enthusiasts. Imagine that - being enthusiastic about the end of the world. Any excuse for a party, I guess. I admire that bit of hedonistic spirit at least, even though I will confidently wager that celebrants will awake the next day with a morning-after headache in a world that's still here. (Well, except for those celebrants who do themselves in through excess, that is.) Who'd have thought a hangover could be such a good thing? I do believe there should be a party at the end of the world, and I hope the Worldendsparty 2012 bash is a blast; even though it won't be the end of the world.

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