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WOW!APR 16, 2007 - Tim Case: Archives is where you can touch base with some of the most historically conscious text anywhere on the Internet. Historically conscious does not necessarily mean historical, mind you. Tim Case's work is steeped in history and seasoned with imagination, and just about every sentence he crafts along with way is masterful. He's a time-bender, a thinker who reaches out from the present into the past and the future alike. And his work is why I so seldom read fiction (Mary Doria Russell aside): it's nowhere near as imaginative as reality, by and large. Tim Case is heavy on the reality, and he's largely right. If you don't think so, read his Barbarians at the Gates essay, track down the history, and then re-think your position. Yeah, there's a streak of Forteana here, a touch of contemporary Bush-bashing there . . . but it's all so well strung together you just can't help getting rapturously lost in all the time-bending that goes on. (That, incidentally, is the astrological dimension to this site: astrology is about time, of course.) Great stuff!

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