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WOW!APR 9, 2007 - Mars Melt is a February 28 feature of National Geographic News that you really must read, especially if you're at all interested in the global warming hysteria. You know, the freak show that grew out of the environmentalist cult which replaced Marxism as the new tool by which would-be philosopher-kings are bent on global dominion. This new dogma, you may recall, arose after Marxism had thoroughly discredited itself; which global warming will do, in about as much time as the Marxists took to screw the pooch. Give 'em about four Saturn-Neptune cycles (at about 36 years each), more or less. That's about as long as it took for the Marxists to be unveiled as holier-than-thou hypocrites whose plans to remake the world for our own good ended up being a nightmare. Neptune was discovered in 1846, Marx's Communist Manifesto was published in 1848: add 144 years and you get the late 1980s, roughly - by which time the USSR was a wreck just a few years short of disintegration, the Berlin Wall was on the cusp of coming down, etc. A similar fate awaits us all, at the hands of the global warming crew: first enslavement, then eventual liberation. Maybe we can avoid it, by realizing that global warming can't be due to human beings (read, original sin), if it's happening on Mars too. Which it is, according to satellite data - as you'll see if you take a look at Mars Melt. Alas, we are destined to be led like sheep to the shearing by the likes of Al Gore and other hysterical hypocrites - all for our own good, of course. Of course. Ah, but doesn't it feel so positively righteous to be saving the world from the ignorant and the evil-doers? Of course it does. Heaven help us! And beware the gulags for the unbelievers and reprobates!

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