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WOW!FEB 26, 2007 - Gerry Goddard, Astrologer is a welcome destination for astrophiles wending their way around the World Wide Web. Of course it mentions (although only scantly) the personal services offered by Gerry Goddard, whose office is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. (If there's a newborn in your life, be sure to check out the Little Bear Star Maps.) Whatever else you do, please don't neglect to pore over the many fine articles here: a real treasure for the mind. The FAQ are especially fun, and Candy Hillenbrand's Astrology Basics will be of particular interest to the astro-newbie. But there's plenty of meatier stuff to chew on and ponder here, so don't stop short of a full exploration of the Gerry Goddard, Astrologer website.

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