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WOW!FEB 19, 2007 - iRobot Scooba is something in the way of a follow-up to an earlier WOW feature on the iRobot Roomba. If you think a domestic robot has nothing to do with astrology, consider what it means to have a device that automatically vacuumns (like Roomba) or mops (like Scooba) your floors for you. I'm free to do a whole lot more astrology because of these little automatons. I've tried them, used them extensively, and have come to rely on their good, reliable service. Roomba has been hard at work vacuuming the stone and carpet floors around here for well over a year now, and I have nothing short of glowing praise for its performance and reliability. Scooba has been here mopping up only since Christmas, and so far I'm equally impressed. Having either or both of these little robots in your service doesn't mean you can off your vacuum cleaner and mop, and leave it all to the robots forever more. You still need to spot clean a spill, and deep vacuum your carpets. But the robots will relieve you of a lot of busywork, that's for sure. Remember: some of the earliest sophsticated mechanical devices in history were astrological computers (like the Antikythera Device). So there's a long tradition of high-tech labor-saving gizmos in the service of astrologers. Get with the program!

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